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Steve Lackmeyer

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Adam Wilmoth

Oklahoma City shareholders meetings reflect...

Adam Wilmoth | Leave a comment

Annual shareholder meetings at Oklahoma City’s larger energy companies — Devon and Chesapeake — have been much more...

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Richard Mize

Getting uplifting lesson in elevator...

Richard Mize | Leave a comment

Just guesstimating, without a renovation or construction contractor present, it would cost about $50,000 to buy a lift and...

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Dave Ramsey

Dave Says: Family members can make good estate...

Dave Ramsey | Leave a comment

Dave Ramsey: a family member who is competent and has integrity can definitely be the executor. “Executor” just means they...

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Malcolm Berko

Taking Stock: Cisco Systems' robust earnings,...

Malcolm Berko | Leave a comment

Malcolm Berko: Cisco System’s 20.8 percent profit margins and its 17.4 percent return on equity are equally impressive, as is...

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