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Buy propane in the summer when it's cheap

Published: February 15, 2014

Regarding “Propane shortage fuels anger” (News, Feb. 8): For many years I operated a gas plant where we made propane to sell year round. From about March until November we had over 126,000 gallons in storage tanks and the price was constantly being lowered throughout the spring, summer and fall. It seemed like we couldn’t give the stuff away so we were forced to shut down the thing that makes the propane, since the storage tanks were full and nobody would buy propane even at dirt cheap summer prices. Propane will last for years stored in pressurized bullet-shaped tanks, so why not fill your tanks in the summer? Winter always follows spring, summer and fall so buy when it’s plentiful and cheap. If the winter isn’t as harsh as this one, don’t worry — the propane will be good for several years so it’ll be there the next time you need it. You can avoid shortages and high prices by making an informed decision to buy propane when there’s a surplus.

Steven Morris, Duncan