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Café owner steps in to help girl in need Published: March 12, 2014

The B&B Café in Castle Rock, CO had their busiest dinner rush ever this past weekend, despite the fact that they're only open for breakfast and lunch. The diner opened its doors Friday and Saturday night and served free meals to patrons, and it was all to benefit an 11-month-old girl in need, according to Yahoo Shine.

The site reports little Jenimae Michener was born with Treachers Collins Syndrome, which causes facial deformities. She has a mild case, but lost 90 percent of her hearing. Her parents, Amber and Joshua Michener, needed to get her BAHA hearing aids, which cost over $4,000 each, but were already struggling to afford their daughter's medical costs on their limited budget.

Amber and Joshua told family and friends about Jenimae, and they quickly got the word out in their community. Kristin Arabally, who had only recently met the Michener family, visited several local restaurants and businesses asking if they would consider donating 10 percent of one day's profits to help fund the baby's hearing aids. Her requests were rejected, until she approached Chris Vigil at the B&B Café.

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