CAIR officials: Man sentenced to life without air travel

BY GADEIR ABBAS AND ADAM SOLTANI Published: February 13, 2013

What's most alarming about Saadiq's ordeal is that the FBI will never have to explain its actions. When it comes to separating Saadiq — and many others — from family via its ever-growing and always secret watch lists, the FBI is judge, jury and executioner. Saadiq hasn't been indicted, charged or convicted of any crime. And yet the FBI has claimed for itself the power to impose permanent punishment upon Saadiq: life without air travel.

If FBI agents can impose this sentence on Saadiq, they can do the same to any of us. For Saadiq's sake and our own, let's demand that the FBI cease preventing Saadiq from traveling to his family.

Abbas is Saadiq Long's attorney and on staff with the Council on American-Islamic Relations' headquarters in Washington, D.C. Soltani is executive director of CAIR Oklahoma.