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Can Kansas State's Collin Klein go from Manhattan, Kan., to Manhattan, N.Y.?

by Jenni Carlson Published: November 2, 2012

Klein made it obvious in both games that if there was a Heisman winner on the field, it was him.

“He's a young guy that has invested himself in improving day in and day out,” Wildcat coach Bill Snyder said. “And it's showed up on the field.”

No matter what you like in your football stars, Klein fits the bill.

He is tough, so much so that K-State built its Heisman promotional campaign around that grit. The school sent out a mailer with Klein's stats and sealed it with a Band-Aid.

He has a great back story. Recruited by the Ron Prince regime, Klein was moved to receiver and special teams when Snyder returned to coach. Klein had to prove to the coach that he could actually play quarterback.

He is a devout Christian. He is a married man. He is a community champ, a humble dude, a model Wildcat.

But more important than anything in a Heisman race, he is a winner.

That's the reason no guy that played in Manhattan, Kan., has ever won the Heisman. No Wildcat has ever won like Klein.

Michael Bishop got invited to be part of the Heisman hoopla in 1998, but in his last game before the ceremony, K-State lost to Texas A&M in the Big 12 title game.

Bishop finished second.

If the Wildcats keep winning, Klein won't finish second. If the Wildcats keep winning, he will be impossible to beat. If the Wildcats keep winning, there'll be a Heisman in Manhattan, Kan.

Seems about as likely as one in Waco, Texas.

Oh, wait.

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