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Can’t wait to leave the ‘weight limit’ behind

BY KEN RAYMOND Published: April 4, 2010

photo - I look massive beside my brother, Ron, at the Bricktown Ballpark last summer. He’s the handsome devil on the left.
I look massive beside my brother, Ron, at the Bricktown Ballpark last summer. He’s the handsome devil on the left.
Retailers such as Casual Male and Lane Bryant cater to the overweight, while online shops such as Living XL market folding chairs that’ll support 650 pounds or seatbelt extenders for use in cars and on planes.

The world is built for normal people, not for folks like me who can fill an entire doorway. People who deviate from the norm in other ways face limits, too. Short people, tall people, disabled people and more likely find the world difficult to get around in. Unless you’re completely average, you’ve probably encountered a limit or two yourself.

The difference between the weight limit and many other limits, though, is this:

Many of us — not all — who find ourselves at the weight limit can do something about it. Tall people can’t get shorter. Short adults can’t get taller. But fat people? A lot of us can get thinner.

It’s not easy. It’s not fun. It’s not inconceivable, though, and one way or another, through diet and exercise or surgery, we can lose weight.

Let me say that again: We CAN lose weight.

For the next year, I am embarking on a public mission to lose weight and become more physically fit. I can’t do it alone, so I’m getting help from the sports medicine staff at OU Medical Center, the good people at the YMCA, the fitness staff here at The Oklahoman and whoever else is willing to help out — including you. The goal is not only for me to get in shape, but for you to get healthier, too.

The project is called Ken 2.0: From Fat to Fit, and it kicks off now. I’ll be blogging every day and posting photos every week. I’ll also put up videos and graphs charting my progress. Each week, you can read a little more about my journey in The Oklahoman, and once a month, the newspaper will publish a longer story like this one. Any time you want, you can access the whole shebang at

Maybe you haven’t hit the weight limit yet but are getting close to it. Maybe, like me, you’ve been frustrated by it time and time again. Maybe you’re just starting to gain weight and want to stop it before it gets out of control.

Come along with me. Share your stories and your healthy recipes. Together, let’s learn how to get in shape safely.

Together, let’s leave the weight limit behind.


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