Canton Lake water flowing into Lake Hefner

The water is intended to replenish Oklahoma City metro-area drinking water supplies, but there's a possibility that some owners will be able to float boats stuck in the Lake Hefner mud.
BY WILLIAM CRUM Published: February 4, 2013

The Canton Lake water flows through the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge into a channel on the east side of Lake Overholser, Ragan said.

A gate that would allow the water into the Oklahoma River has been closed. That diverts the water into the Hefner Canal, a 4.5-mile channel between Overholser and Hefner, she said.

LaTresa Wright, harbor master at Lake Hefner, said owners should be able to move some stranded boats as the lake level rises.

With lake levels expected to begin rising six inches per day before long, owners are being advised to check on their boats every three to four days, Wright said.

The keels of some boats are stuck in the mud, increasing the difficulty of moving them.

“If they catch it just right, they should be able to wiggle it out of the ground,” she said.

In some cases, if a boat won't float, water could rise enough to flow into the vessel, compounding the problems owners already face, Wright said.