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Caring by strangers overwhelming

Published: June 26, 2013

Our family was a victim of the May 20 tornado in Moore. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew's home in the Heatherwood neighborhood was destroyed, and my parents' home just a few blocks away sustained heavy damage. I've been to visit my family many times over the years and have always felt at home in Oklahoma. However, the compassion, generosity and genuine caring by complete strangers following the disaster were absolutely overwhelming. I'd like to thank all of the nameless volunteers who helped make a terrible situation into a time of humble blessings.

Help was always there for us — food or drink, gloves or sunscreen, prayers or signs of compassion. The guys from Texas who helped tarp my parents' home, the First Response Team of America who helped dig through the rubble, the neighbors who brought by a tent for shade, the group who came out of nowhere to help clean up my parents' yard, the crew from Louisiana replacing power poles, a medical team from Philadelphia giving first aid, Joe from New York and crew who cleaned off my brother's foundation (by hand), coach Bob Stoops and crew helping to clean up the debris, the woman who helped get my tire changed, and the countless people coming by just wanting to help.

It was truly amazing. This devastation will pass, but the blessings we received will live in my heart forever.

Kendra Voss, North Bend, Neb.