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Caring parents help school partnerships

Published: March 23, 2013

Regarding “Public-private efforts crucial for schools” (Point of View, March 16): Oklahoma City School Board member Phil Horning is right on many points regarding the school district. However, notably absent from his perspective was the word “parents.” Perhaps this was unintentional because it's taken for granted; or perhaps it was intentional because the district has a low view of parents. I hope it was the former. If it was the latter, I hope our community leaders can encourage our district decision-makers that parents come in all ages and backgrounds; most I've met are lifelong learners who want the best for their children.

Recalling 1998, two schools were opened at the behest of parents who sought “solid food” for their children via the Core Knowledge curriculum. Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School and Independence Charter Middle School continue today and are strong examples of the most basic public-private partnership: parents who care. Ask these parents and they'll tell you what can be done on limited budgets.

Oklahoma City is a great place. As a community we need to keep on encouraging every parent to be the best parent possible. This effort can reap the best result of the most basic public-private partnership in education.

Barbara Bowersox, Oklahoma City

Bowersox was a founding board member of Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School.