Carrie Rodriguez comes into her own with “Give Me All You Got”

The Austin, Texas-based roots singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Carrie Rodriguez is bringing her tour in support of her new album to the Blue Door on Sunday.
by Brandy McDonnell Published: January 25, 2013

“It was just such a lucky break for me that when I first started playing gigs that I met him. And you know, I was imagining a life as a sideman accompanying someone like him, but I never saw myself as a singer and certainly not a songwriter. And he convinced me that I needed to try those things and kind of pushed me into doing that.”

She also learned a lot touring with Williams, who listed Rodriguez's 2006 solo debut “Seven Angels on a Bicycle” on her top 10 playlist for The New York Times.

“It really helped my confidence — it just made me think, ‘Wow, well, maybe I should stick with this ‘cause Lucinda thinks it's OK.'”

Her new album reflects an interesting time in Rodriguez's life: About two years ago, she moved back to Austin after living in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“A lot of these songs were written when I kind of first got back and was starting to get settled here and had a second to reflect on my life,” she said.

Of her studio albums, Rodriguez, who plays tenor guitar as well as four-string electric mandolin, or mandobird, along with fiddle, said “Give Me All You Got” comes closest to capturing the feel of her live shows.

“With my previous studio albums I've spent quite a bit of time picking over things, you know, redoing vocals, adding layers, which is all fun. I don't think that's a bad thing to do or a bad way to make a record. But this is the first record that is pretty much all live,” she said.

“We actually toured for about two weeks before we went into the studio. So we got all the songs sort of tested out a little bit and broken in, and we just went in and played, which felt good. And there's mistakes and sometimes I sing out of tune and there's little guitar flubs. You know, I got sick about halfway through the process, just a head cold, and some of those vocals I can hear it. But maybe because I was sick, there was something especially vulnerable and true about the performances.

“It's pretty real.”

by Brandy McDonnell
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