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Carrying handguns in Oklahoma an easy process for those who qualify

More than 141,000 currently permitted to carry concealed will be able to carry openly beginning Nov. 1.
BY ZEKE CAMPFIELD Published: October 29, 2012

Many of these preclusions are based on a specific prohibitive period, and rights can be restored after a certain period of time.

The cost is $100 for a five-year permit, or $200 for 10 years. It can cost up to $100 to be processed.

Licenses will be issued or denied within 60 days if no prohibitive records are revealed.

Currently more than 141,000 concealed-carry permits have been issued in Oklahoma. Each of these will be considered valid for open carry beginning Thursday.

Twenty-nine states have no law that prohibits the open carrying of handguns. Oklahoma will join 14 others that allow it as long as a person has a state-issued permit.

Five states will remain that do not allow the open carrying of firearms, including Arkansas and Texas.

California banned the practice last year with the exception of its unincorporated areas.


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