Carson Daly on 'The Voice': 'There Is a Real Sense of Family'

PARADE Modified: May 3, 2012 at 10:01 am •  Published: May 1, 2012
just liked the idea and it finally felt that it could be a reality competition that could be good, clean family TV."

The Voice's success.
"Three things point to the show's success, from my perspective. One is the blind auditions. When people saw big, red chairs with their backs to these people singing, it made people realize it was something different and separated it from the other shows. The second thing is having these judges be the four biggest names in music. They are the right people to be making comments and remarks. The third thing is the level of talent we came out of the box with. We start with really good singers and our journey is finding someone who is great."

On the judges.
"There is a healthy amount of trash talking. It usually ends with a hug or a high-five. They're always questioning each other's moves or song selections. Or how jealous they are of each other's team members."

His chances on The Voice.
"I'm not a great singer; I'm barely a good singer. If I had a big voice, I would go with Christina. If I was theatrical and it was about my showmanship, if I saw myself as the next Lady Gaga, I would go with CeeLo. If I wanted to be a rock star or a solo pop star singer, I would go with Adam. But for me personally, since all I do is play mediocre guitar and barely hold a note, I might fall in the singer-songwriter category and pick Blake. But I'm not good."

On fatherhood.
"Any parent can probably understand it when I say, ‘I get it now.’ I sort of get life’s purpose now. It’s something you don’t really understand until you’ve created something with your life partner or someone that you love. So I look at my time with my son and it really put things in perspective. I thought I had things in perspective. With me, it’s my faith and my family and everything else falls somewhere in categories underneath all that. But when you have your child, it’s a game changer. It makes me hyper aware of how blessed I am. He reminds me to be thankful and appreciative of the things we have everyday. Before I had my son, I was like, ‘What’s the next marker in my career?’ You look forward to life moving quickly but the minute you have a kid, I just want to slow down and enjoy every second. I lost my father at a young age so fatherhood holds a special place to me." has disabled the comments for this article.

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