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Cases of West Nile virus hold steady in Oklahoma

Oklahoma did not see any new cases of West Nile virus this past week, the state Health Department reports.
FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: November 9, 2012

At this point in the year, most mosquitoes have stopped seeking blood meals or at least slowed down their efforts in biting humans and other mammals for food, Bradley said. Mosquitoes seek out blood meals to get the energy to lay eggs. Right now, they're stopped or slowing reproduction efforts.

Mosquitoes are triggered out of diapause in the spring when the days get longer. Those that survive the winter will become more active in the spring and resume their biting and seeking blood meals, Bradley said.

“It's the diapause that works in our favor because they're less interested in biting people and more interested in finding a nice warm comfy place to ride out the winter,” she said.