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Casey Kasem hospitalized after dramatic scene unfolds at home Published: June 2, 2014

Radio icon Casey Kasem was hospitalized in Washington on Sunday after a dramatic scene unfolded outside the home where he has been staying — a situation which culminated with his wife throwing a pound of hamburger meat at his eldest daughter from his first marriage, NBC News reports.

As ordered by Kitsap County Judge Jennifer Forbes on Friday, Casey Kasem's daughter Kerri was able to visit him on Friday for the first time since his wife removed him from a Santa Monica facility and transported him to Washington without notifying his family. Forbes also ruled that Kerri Kasem, 41, would be able to take her father to be evaluated by a physician and hospitalized, if necessary.

Kerri Kasem testified at the hearing that the doctor hired by Jean Kasem had told her that her 82-year-old father had developed infections in his lungs and bladder and has bed sores.

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