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Cat-sitting opens eyes of dog lover

If Oklahoman columnist Carrie Coppernoll has learned anything during the holiday season, it's that cats hate her. Serving as cat-sitter for friends dinged her self-esteem.
BY CARRIE COPPERNOLL Columnist Published: January 4, 2012

One cat in particular didn't like me. He sauntered to his bowl, turned to face me, stared and walked away in disgust. He might have rolled his eyes. Only later did I realize I had accidentally given him the wrong food.

I had disappointed an animal that coughs up its own hair. Spending time with other people's cats is an exercise in humility.

Cats live in about one in three U.S. households, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

I conservatively estimate about half of all cats hate me, therefore 1 in 6 households have cats that would rather claw my eyes out than curl up in my lap.

That means I'm not welcome in about 19 million homes nationwide, according to U.S. Census figure.

(I hope my elementary school math teachers appreciate that I used the skills they taught me to calculate the number of places I cannot go because of angry cats. Your dedication to teaching has paid off.)

But I expect at least some of those 19 million households will ask me to cat-sit while they're out of town. I'll happily agree, but I'm positive the cats will disapprove.


Go to to read an interview about coaxing cats into liking you with Catherine English, superintendent for Animal Welfare for Oklahoma City.


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