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Catherine Bell knows 'Witch' way to go for Hallmark

By Jay Bobbin Published: October 27, 2012

Bell likes that “The Good Witch's Charm” is also a tale of multigenerational mothers and daughters. Not only does Cassie have a new baby and continue to be the stepmother to her police chief husband's (Chris Potter) other offspring (Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Matthew Knight), but her own foster parent (Janet-Laine Green, ‘‘M.V.P.”) suddenly turns up after many years of estrangement.

‘‘It's nice being looked up to for advice while trying to juggle all the hats of mayor and store owner and mom and stepmom,” mother of two Bell says of Cassie. ‘‘It gets challenging sometimes, but of course, Cassie will pull through. Everybody seems to need her, and I certainly can relate to that. So can a lot of other moms who work and have kids and other life responsibilities. It can get crazy, but it definitely can be done.”