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CBS nabs another NYPD commissioner drama

The TV show is about a New York Police Department commissioner, CBS' second after “Blue Bloods.”
By Jacqueline Cutler Published: February 23, 2013

In the station house, Clark has to deal with many who don't like him, who believe his rise was too meteoric. They don't bother to hide their contempt for this man they don't trust and consider an interloping opportunist.

The thing about Clark is he doesn't much care. He cares about his sister, who has a drug problem, and he takes care of her. But otherwise, Clark cares about his career and getting to the top faster than logic would assume possible.

When he becomes Owen's partner, Owen has but two years left before he can retire.

McBride understands Owen.

“He wants to get through this without getting shot,” McBride says. “He doesn't care who gets credit.”

Owen seems ambivalent, but there's a reason for his studied aloofness, and he is very much a by-the-book kind of cop. “He is deeply flawed,” McBride says. “He has compromised himself, his marriage. He has suffered great loss. He is just existing.”