CD review: Action Bronson/Party Supplies 'Blue Chips'

CD review: Bronson/Party Supplies “Blue Chips”
Published: April 6, 2012

Most East Coast purists' grade-A beef with Bronson is that he cops too much from Ghostface, and it's understandable: Bronson's style is built on the Wu-Tang MVP's foundation, and most of “Blue Chips” can fit seamlessly into a mix between “Supreme Clientele” and “Fishscale,” but while he indulges in the same kind of hard-boiled stories, he's not really poaching. Since his first forays after he hung up the chef's coat and picked up the mic, Bronson is much improved as a storyteller and on “Blue Chips,” he serves up crime and grime and then tops it with a rich demi-glace.

George Lang

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