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CD review: Heart 'Fanatic'

Multi-tasking Ben Mink zaps new life into Heart.
BY GENE TRIPLETT Entertainment Editor Published: October 5, 2012

Other highlights come during the tough-talking, wronged-woman blues-rock of “Skin and Bones,” the telegraphically urgent electro space-rock of “A Million Miles,” the urban moodiness of “Pennsylvania” (on which Mink plays all guitars and keyboards, painting a dark soundscape behind Ann and Nancy's downcast vocals), and the obligatory nod to their epically heavy Led Zeppelin influences, “Mashallah!”

Someone in Pearl Jam once said, “Heart is our hometown (Seattle) band-made-good ... who showed us where we could go if we wrote songs, made records and toured hard.”

Long may they continue to do all those things — with Ben Mink along for the ride.

— Gene Triplett