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CD review: Josh Sallee 'Probable Flaws'

Oklahoman Published: March 30, 2012

“OKC to KC” quotes liberally from Beck's “Loser,” but this is where Sallee makes salient points about coastal perceptions of his home state and the challenge of building a hip-hop foundation on red dirt soil. It's the messiest track on “Probable Flaws” but stronger for it, because the frustration is felt all the way from Sallee and guest rapper Joey Cool's traded lines down to the rattling bottleneck guitar in the background. Sallee's greatest power is strong imagery — he's not just clocking syllables. On “Never Ever,” Sallee says he “handles things pretty shaky like a walking Skype,” but “Probable Flaws” proves that, with two strong independent albums in two years, this rapper has everything under control.

George Lang