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Celebrate Halloween with the Dark Knight

By Nick Tankersley Published: October 30, 2009
There are few popular culture personalities more suited to Halloween than the Dark Knight. Batman is the embodiment of Halloween, a dark hero, costume-clad, always caught in a showdown with a rogues’ gallery of bad guys that inspire the true spirit of the season.

As you slowly morph from the day-to-day grind of normal life into the shadowed hell-tastic tone of black and orange, look no further than Batman for inspiration. Here are some Caped Crusader books, movies and video games that are just right for this holiday:

"Batman” and "Batman Returns” (films, 1989 and 1992). Although Christopher Nolan launched Batman back into the mainstream with "Batman Begins” and "The Dark Knight,” it was Tim Burton’s duo of films that brought the bat in black to the big screen. (I am ignoring anything with Adam West.) Burton’s offerings are far more fantastical than Nolan’s, owing more to the 1980s comic rejuvenation of Batman than the recent blockbusters. Burton’s Batman films are costume masterpieces that revel in a usual Burton world, where everything is slightly bent by a warped funhouse mirror.

→"The Long Halloween” (comic book, 1996-97). The Batman mythos has had many twists and turns, from its early days in Detective Comics to a brief stint in mid-’60s camp to an eventual rebirth and refocus in the 1980s. Since that decade — when some of comics’ best built a more contemporary and, ultimately, darker version of the hero — Batman has enjoyed a creative renaissance in the publishing world. This is no more evident than in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s 13-issue serial "Batman: The Long Halloween.