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Central objection to Indiana's new standards

Oklahoman Published: May 10, 2014

Although a longtime reader of The Oklahoman’s usually fine editorials, I must object to “Indiana experience may offer lessons for Oklahoma” (Our Views, May 2). If opposition to Common Core weren’t based on its academic quality, here in Indiana the opposition would have ended when Common Core did. But, as you note, Indiana’s Common Core opponents are also opposed to our new education standards, and not simply because they contain some Common Core but because that inclusion indicates a lack of academic quality.

It’s widely agreed by independent observers that Indiana’s new standards are below both our previous world-class standards and Common Core. That’s the central objection to them. Some inclusion of Common Core in the new standards is just a canary in the coal mine of academic paucity. Please read past the trivialization and sensationalization of the Common Core topic by its well-heeled supporters and their public relations teams. It’s to their benefit to paint Common Core opposition as unhinged, so people don’t look inside the box and find educrat jargon and bloviating rather than an outline for quality curriculum.

Joy Pullmann, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Pullman is an education research fellow at the Heartland Institute in Chicago.


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