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CEOS a big part of the fiscal problems

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: January 14, 2013

Forty wealthy CEOs went to Washington and inserted themselves into the “fiscal cliff” fight to influence Republicans to cave to President Obama. This resulted in them helping to pre-empt conservative Republicans from getting much-needed spending cuts into the fiscal cliff bill. These people are a huge part of our problem in conservative politics because they overestimate the worth of the political clout that they think their huge donations buy them. Obviously country club Republican big money didn't work in the past two presidential elections, so why should it work in the future?

These people get outvoted because real conservatives are turned off by clout tactics, misdirection and RINO-ism (Republican in name only) so they don't work hard to elect country club candidates. Country clubbers are terribly shortsighted when they just want to keep using the Band-Aid approach to the fiscal situation while avoiding solving the real problem, which is government's wasteful, extravagant spending.

Ken Moore, Oklahoma City