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Charlie Strong takes away team's right to flash Hook-'em Horns sign

staff reports Published: March 27, 2014

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The culture of change at the University of Texas continues under Charlie Strong.

First, it was the changing of the rules, which made it look like Strong was laying the smackdown as the new head coach of Texas football.

Now, two more things have definitely changed. One is that Strong has taken away the players' right to flash the Hook-'em Horns sign, according to the Dallas Morning News.

It's a move similar to Dallas Cowboys preseason camp, where rookies have to earn the star on the side of their helmets.

"They'll get it back one of these days," Strong said of the Hook-'em sign.

Second big change: The players are walking to practice fields. No more air-conditioned bus rides.

In fairness, Strong has said he has an open door policy with the players, encouraging them to just "walk right in."

Just don't flash the horns when you do.

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