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Cheap Remodeled Bathroom Tips

Published on NewsOK Published: June 3, 2013

Do you hate your bathroom? It is one of those rooms that is easy to loathe. Unlike other rooms where you can change and move the furniture, the nature of bathroom furnishings is that they are pretty much stationary, and fairly permanent. Why previous owners of a house would choose terrible tile, terrible fixtures, and a terrible vanity is often a subject of discussion when moving into a new house. "How did they look at orange and brown porcelain tile and think it would look good with an avocado green tub?" we might ask. "Where did they even find the ridiculously small, rusty medicine cabinet?" we might ponder. "Who told them that gold wallpaper and globe vanity lights were still in style?" we might say.

In situations where you are suffering from somebody else's bad bathroom decor choices, you should know that for less than $1000 you can redo your bathroom. No, you can't tile the entire room in expensive stone. No, you might not even be able to buy a new tub. But you darn well will be able to refinish your tub, retile part of the floor, or replace ugly lighting. You might be able to replace an ugly vanity, too.

First, prioritize the level of ugliness of your bathroom. I know that sounds funny, and it is a little bit funny, but you must do it. Is the color scheme the worst aspect of your bathroom? Is is the lighting or the fixtures? For instance, my bathroom has horrible pink tile that was not installed by a New York City tile contractor but rather by some unlicensed rando who left grout all over the walls, an ugly pink tub, and a super old, gross shower door. However, the vanity and medicine cabinet are plain white and relatively new. Although I don't love the vanity and medicine cabinet, they are not as offensive as the tile, tub, and shower door. With a limited budget, I would prioritize tile, refinishing the tub, and replacing the shower door. Later on, down the road, I would install a more distinctive vanity and medicine cabinet.

Next, you'll estimate the cost of replacing the ugliest elements of your bathroom. Say you have brown porcelain tile surrounding the shower, and half way up the walls. You've deemed that it needs to go because it offends you the most. You are going to get an estimate from a tile contractor for replacing the ugly tile with the most simple, least expensive good looking tile you can find. Think white subway tile. Then again, I would tile every single bathroom in the world with white subway tile because it looks so clean, and it can go with with modern or traditional fixtures.

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