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Cheating on Oklahoma exams leads to resignations, retesting

The annual summary of irregularities investigated for the high stakes Oklahoma exams administered during the 2010-11 school year uncovered cheating and errors in six schools.
BY MEGAN ROLLAND Published: January 27, 2012

The other five significant incidents reported to the state department were:

At Homer Elementary School, Byng Public Schools, five students had erasure marks on exams that showed five questions had been changed from wrong to right answers. Those five tests were invalidated after it was found students were given frequent breaks and several grades were tested in the same room.

At Moyers Elementary School, a fifth- and sixth-grade math teacher took test booklets and went through and marked answers that were incorrect and then returned the booklets to students to correct the answers. The tests were invalidated and the teacher was placed on a plan for improvement.

At Fort Towson High School in Choctaw County, a student reported the teacher administering the English II End of Instruction exam talked to students during the exam with “assistance and answers.” The teacher was reprimanded and no longer is permitted to administer exams.

At Ardmore Middle School, a seventh-grade math teacher read through a student's test answers and commented that the student had only answered about half of the questions correctly. The school district investigated and found that the teacher had not helped the student with items, but did violate test procedure by reading the exam.

At Highland East Junior High in Moore Public Schools, a teacher and a paraprofessional who were working with a disabled student gave the student the correct answers to the alternative test given to students with disabilities. Both the teacher and the paraprofessional resigned.