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Published: August 16, 2007
• To old favorite Eugene Lenti, the DePaul softball coach who landed a plum this month when he hired Cat Osterman as pitching coach. The world's best pitcher will do nothing except entice great pitching prospects to DePaul.

• To Bob Stoops, for opening the OU scrimmages. Every bone in Stoops' body wants him to shut down everything, but the two scrimmages are a just reward for the fans who pay the freight.

• To the PGA disqualification of Sergio Garcia. Boo Weekley marked Garcia's score wrong, Garcia didn't catch it and he was out at Southern Hills. Silly, antiquated rule. That's the equivalent of Desmond Mason dunking, then having to stop by the scorer's table and write down two points before he plays defense.

• To the umpires union failing to cooperate with baseball on background checks. In the wake of the NBA scandal, all arbiters are scrutinized. Why would the union drag its feet if its members are clean?