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Chef's arrival at Oklahoma City's Metro Wine Bar and Bistro is match made in heaven's kitchen

The Metro Wine Bar and Bistro in Oklahoma City welcomes chef Christine Dowd to its kitchen.
by Dave Cathey Published: August 28, 2012

Those who knew Dowd only for her work at Trattoria il Centro will be wowed by her range. Her ability and knowledge of Italian food is unquestioned, but she is a classically trained chef. She is well-known in the chef's community for her knowledge and technique across the board, not to mention uncanny leadership and passion for sharing it with students and young chefs.

I love to tell the story of when Dowd joined us for the Chefs Recipe Challenge at Culinary Kitchen. Tasked with making fish sticks, she made what I still consider the best dish I had during that 13-month run. Then when she joined us for the Chefs Recipe Challenge Thanksgiving Special, her salted-caramel pecan pie was equally transcendent.

Then there was the salad topped with a flash-fried four-minute egg rolled in breadcrumbs at Odyssey de Culinaire in 2011, which chef after chef called the dish most likely to be stolen for a weekly special.

Chef Dowd's passion is seasonal cooking with local ingredients, which matches the mission the Lowers have put on The Metro over the years. This partnership has the potential to not only improve one of the city's most-loved restaurants but to raise the bar for the entire local restaurant landscape.

It's a win for a city working hard to develop its culinary reputation, and a win for diners.

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Metro Wine Bar and Bistro, 6418 N Western Ave., is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and dinner service on Saturday and Sunday. Call 840-9463 for reservations or book by Open Table online at