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Chesapeake affiliate develops way to mix diesel, natural gas

Peake Fuel Solutions has developed a system that allows heavy duty trucks to mix less expansive natural gas with diesel to save money.
BY JAY F. MARKS Published: November 13, 2012

Peake has built a demonstration truck to showcase the options available with the company's conversion kit.

It is outfitted with displays that offer live data about how much natural gas is being used and the estimated savings.

A short trip on Interstate 44 resulted in about $5 in savings, thanks to the CNG that augmented its fuel supply.

“The savings add up real quick,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson said diesel natural gas systems can be built to the owner's specifications, but the cost typically is about $30,000 or so.

Drivers can pay off the extra expense of adding natural gas to the mix in as little as nine months, depending on how many miles they drive, he said.

Wilkinson said Peake developed the system over the past couple of years after discovering there was no application for natural gas in the trucking industry.

“That's a lot of what drove the development,” he said. “We were just trying to demonstrate the possibilities.”

Peake will outfit trucks to run on diesel natural gas for corporate cousin Chesapeake Oilfield Services, Wilkinson said.

Another Peake offering, CNG in a Box, will be used in conjunction with the diesel system to ensure fuel is available for those trucks at fueling stations.

Peake developed CNG in a Box with GE. It is a “plug and play” unit meant to speed the development of natural gas fueling stations.

Wilkinson said those two offerings circumvent the “chicken or egg” questions that have slowed the spread of CNG.

“These are complete solutions,” he said.