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Chesapeake shuts 2 wells amid Texas quake study

JAY F. MARKS Published: August 15, 2009

/> The Oklahoma Geological Survey does not know of any correlation between Oklahoma earthquakes and oil field activity, officials said.

Texas researchers placed portable seismometers around the Dallas airport to collect data on earthquakes in that area, a developing natural gas production region.

The proximity of Chesapeake’s saltwater disposal well suggests it may have something to do with the earthquakes, researchers said.

SMU seismology professor Brian Stump said it is too soon to conclude whether the well is responsible for the quakes.

"However, based on our current understanding, operations at the re-injection well seem to be a more probable cause of some earthquakes rather than from hydraulic fracturing, a process used in preparing the wells for gas production,” he said. "But more study is needed.”