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Chickasaw tribe to break ground on new hospital

By Jim Stafford Published: November 9, 2007

/> The decision to build the hospital was made after a study begun in 2003 that considered expanding the current hospital or building a new facility.

"What we found out is that financially the two facilities are about the same price, but logistically, moving into a new facility is much easier,” Lance said.

"It was a pretty easy decision for us to make.”

The Chickasaw Nation Health System was recently awarded the first Indian Health Service joint venture program for an inpatient facility, which will qualify it for additional staff and resources, Lance said.

At the Ada Chamber of Commerce, President Karen Hudson said city leaders were thrilled to gain a new health care facility, which is expected to add 300 jobs to the 450 positions staffed at the current hospital.

Ada also is home to the Valley View Regional Hospital.