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Children don't need unfettered access to Internet

Published: January 4, 2013

I agree with Luanne Beebe (Your Views, Dec. 28) and would like to add that parents need to show extreme diligence with regard to their children's cellphones. Especially those children with smartphones that allow children access to the Internet and applications that allow them to “chat” and join social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Children don't need unfettered access to the Internet or phone applications. Parents who choose to give their children cellphones have a responsibility to control what their children do on their phones and computers. The actions that children take on their phones affect other children and society as a whole. It's time for parents to wake up and take responsibility for raising and disciplining their children. The number of parents who fail to monitor what their children are doing on their cellphones and other Internet-connected devices is appalling.

Also, cellphones should be banned from all schools. Ignorance of your child's behavior is bliss until the consequences of their behavior hits home. Be a parent who shows that you care, not your child's ignorant buddy/friend.

Tim Howard, Oklahoma City

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