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Children the worst victims of lead poisoning

Developmental delays, anemia and irreversible neurological and kidney damage are a few of the health problems for children exposed to high levels of lead and heavy metals associated with some Superfund sites.
By Matt Carney, Staff Writer Published: October 10, 2010

e children showed symptoms of being easily distracted, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

“We treated them for ADHD but I really think the actual problem was the lead,” Chesnut said. “The proportion of kids in that school system, the Picher-Cardin school system, versus the proportion of kids in, let's say, the Tulsa school system, was significantly higher. It wasn't just coincidence.”

Chesnut began routinely checking children's blood-lead levels in 1993.

“The lab came back on the kids that we drew (blood from); probably 90 percent of them had elevated lead levels.”