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Children without fathers in their lives get heartfelt encouragement in Oklahoma City

The recent “A Heart for the Fatherless” conference addressing the issue of fatherless boys drew 375 people to Fairview Baptist Church in northeast Oklahoma City.
BY CARLA HINTON Published: August 24, 2013

Perry told adults in the crowd that there are immediate solutions that can help the youths — starting with their own roles in the community. Perry said probably every adult in the room knew a man who was not being an active participant in his child's life. He urged the adult attendees to confront these men and urge them to support their children and become engaged in their lives.

“Every grown person can physically reach out and touch somebody's father,” Perry said.

“It's not that we don't know who these fathers are. It's almost like you are keeping their daddies from them, because they know that you know where their dads are. They know he was at somebody's barbecue somewhere. They know he's sleeping somewhere.”

‘This ain't OK'

In his forthright style, Perry recommended that the adults call the missing fathers and encourage them to reach out to their children with a phone call, a visit or even a phone text.

“Tell them, ‘Look partner, this ain't OK. That little boy didn't do nothing to you,'” Perry said.

He said men need to know that others in the community will not accept their lackadaisical attitude toward their children and that they could not be too busy to be the dads their children want and need.

“Could a man be that busy? Is it possible?” Perry asked.

Near the end of the conference, the Rev. Kelly Booker, Williams' mentor and senior pastor of New Union Baptist Church, urged the youths attending the conference to forgive their fathers for their inaction and lack of support. Booker told the young men that unforgiveness in their hearts would lead to negative emotions such as anger and bitterness.

“Forgiveness does not mean you won't hurt anymore,” Booker said. “God will take away the hurt, but first you have to them let them off the hook.”