Choices available before and after conception

Published: March 27, 2013

Raoul Carubelli (Your Views, March 22) makes valid points all around, especially about penalties for killing unborn babies and those babies being recognized as human beings but not the aborted ones, and that performing an abortion is a direct violation of the Hippocratic oath. There are exceptions when the mother's life is at risk; otherwise, there are other options. A woman can make her “choice” before sex by using other forms of birth control and if she does get pregnant and doesn't want the baby, she can “choose” to give it up for adoption to a family that can't get pregnant but does want a baby. In addition, mothers who do drugs while pregnant should be penalized for child abuse.

I commend Carubelli for his comments. I only wish everyone could see it that way.

Tracey Helderman, Oklahoma City


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