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Christianity's goals are peace, love, charity and good will

Published: June 17, 2012

Perhaps without so intending, Charles Bowker (Your Views, June 10) spoke in support of the left's endless efforts to criminalize the Christian faith. “Freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion” are mutually exclusive. They can't coexist. The former is guaranteed by First Amendment rights to free speech and religious exercise, while the latter usurps those rights. No constitutional restrictions upon the place of speech or religious exercise exist. Bowker blames Christians for behavioral and moral decline; in contrast, author David Barton once compiled an entire book of measurable evidence that decline began quite promptly following the Warren court's school prayer decision.

In his farewell address, President George Washington contended that religion and morality are the pillars of sound government. Bowker wrote scornfully of “so-called Christians” and “to achieve their ends,” implying there's something evil in their pursuit. Christianity's goals are goodness itself: peace, love, charity and good will.

Ronald Bouwman, Oklahoma City

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