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Christmas gift suggestions for genealogists

We the People: Looking for the perfect gift for a genealogist? Online database subscriptions and historical society memberships are good ideas.
BY SHARON BURNS Published: October 25, 2010

• Registration fees to attend genealogical workshops, seminars and/or conferences. Local workshops are usually one day in duration. Seminars can be one to two days with some seminars on specific family history topics lasting a week. Conferences that are held at the national and state level can be several days to one week.

Information about the National Genealogical Society annual conference can be found online at, and information about the Federation of Genealogical Society is available at These conferences can be of enormous help to the beginner or the experienced researcher. For a complete list of genealogy websites, societies and workshops by category, visit

• Subscription to a genealogical magazine such as "Internet Genealogy" or "Tracing Your Irish Roots." A list of publications can be found at

• Share old family photos. If you are the custodian of old family photos, have copies made and put them in an album. Put captions with each photo and remember not to write on the photograph. However, you should develop a method of keeping the caption information with the photo. Who knows? Someone in your family may be able to identify the people, time and place of a photograph that has mystified you for years!

• Share your family's history. Write about what you have researched so far and gift it to the family members who share your ancestors. They will appreciate receiving information about their ancestors and may become interested in joining you in your research efforts.

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