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Christmas Memories: Pungent scent of cedar remembered

Oklahoman Published: December 23, 2008
Oops! So we went back to the table for dessert.

This happened when I was 18, and now I am 86, so I have no picture. But I never go through a Christmas dinner that I do not remember this incident.

All dolled up for shopping and a visit with Santa
Suzi (Balliett) Heed, Oklahoma City:

The newspaper photo is of myself (Suzan) and my little sister, Shaun, shopping for my older brother Steve’s birthday present. He was 8 on Dec. 10, 1959, the day this photo was printed. You always dressed up to shop downtown, so we had on our best attire to get to see Santa as a surprise from my Mom.

She’s still with us, but my brother is gone. This photo now carries a special memory.

Birthday cake becomes a Christmas tradition

Charlene Sproul, Yukon (photo No. 2 on cover):
The tradition I would like to tell you about is one we started 18 years ago when our granddaughter, Kaylee Wilford, was 7 months old. We wanted her to know the real meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ. I made a "Happy Birthday Jesus” cake and have continued every year.

We now also have three grandsons: Kolton Wilford, 14, Drew Sproul, 8, and Erik Sproul, 6. We take a picture every year of the grandchildren with the cake.

We started another tradition when our son, Scott, and daughter, Kerri, were small and have continued each year with the four grandchildren. It is to buy a Hallmark Christmas ornament with the date on it. When they get grown and move away, they have their ornaments to put on their first Christmas tree.

Gift-giving plan meant to eliminate confusion
Gloria Taylor, Edmond:

Each Christmas, our family draws names for the next Christmas, and someone is always misplacing or forgetting the name, and it’s next to impossible to figure them out. In 1974, it was my misfortune to forget, so I wrote my sister-in-law, Mrs. Clyde Rodolph Jr. in Norman, whom I thought was a reliable source.

I received this handwritten answer: "Dear Gloria, Before I get involved in something else, I thought I’d better let you know what I know about Christmas names. For some ‘unknown’ reason, I have three names, and both our kids have theirs, so they must be Mary and Bob’s, and I never sent them to them. I can’t figure anything else, so this would mean Clyde and I have Mary and Bob’s name, and Mary and Bob have Dave and Edie and Jeromy. Guy and Margaret have our names, and Steve’s for Jeromy. Why don’t we let Steve and Kathy have our names and take Steve’s name (which we figure must be Jennifer’s for Jeromy). Hope you followed that. Edie and Dave have Mother and Dad’s, and they already have something for them, and Joe for Jennifer. Now, if you know who Mother and Dad have, maybe you can figure out whose name you have. I will not send Dave and Edie and Jeromy’s name to Mary until I hear from you, in case you’d like to juggle them around some more.”

Believe it or not, that’s the exact letter. I still have the original. Do they make computers for this sort of thing?


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