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Citizens United real impact on WI recall: zero

Associated Press Published: June 6, 2012

Through April, Walker’s top three donors combined gave more than challenger Barrett’s campaign had raised overall. Four of Walker’s top seven donors are out-of-state billionaires, including former AmWay CEO and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, and casino magnate Adelson, who each gave $250,000.

True. But DeVos are individuals, not corporations. Nothing in Citizens United changed this part of Wisconsin's campaign finance law. 

The Republican Governors Association has spent roughly $4 million on campaign ads through its Right Direction Wisconsin PAC since April 23. But because the RGA’s PAC is based out-of-state, it only has to disclose to state regulators its donations coming from inside Wisconsin, a glaring loophole.

Of its most recent $4 million outlay, the RGA raised only a little over $7,000 from inside the state.

The RGA does have to report donors to the IRS, and its 2012 first quarter filing reveals a $500,000 donation from the Chamber of Commerce and a $1 million February contribution from Koch.

The RGA also was perfectly free to spend as much money they wanted in state elections both before and after Citizens United. The decision changed nothing.

At no point in CPI's entire article do they cite a single example of conservative spending that would have been illegal before Citizens United, but is legal now.

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