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Claremore's Rogers State University to launch massive open online course in sociology

Rogers State University will launch a massive online open course, or MOOC, in sociology. The course is based on a book by Frank Elwell, dean of Rogers State's School of Liberal Arts.
by Silas Allen Published: July 20, 2013

Because they don't come with course credit and don't require students to pay, online open courses have a notoriously bad rate of completion. But if a student only completes three or four of the 10 units in the class, they will still get a good idea of what sociology is, Elwell said.

The open format of the course also allows Rogers State to show what its professors do and what the university has to offer, Elwell said.

“It's a way of showing off our wares,” he said.

The course is the second of its kind to be launched by a public university in Oklahoma. Earlier this year, University of Oklahoma officials rolled out an online course in management. The OU course, called Introduction to Management, incorporates a graphic novel written by business professor Jeremy Short.

OU announced plans for that course after Short completed a study that showed that students retained information more effectively using a graphic novel rather than a traditional textbook.

The OU course is offered as a free, noncredit online class, but also includes a for-credit option for OU students paying standard tuition.

To enroll in the Rogers State course, go to