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Classroom of 40 too big to manage, and teach

Published: October 27, 2013

Regarding “OKC teacher safety put to test” (News, Oct. 21): That a teacher can be assaulted while doing her job is in itself an outrage; that the thug who hit her was charged with only a misdemeanor adds to the outrage. This is compounded by the fact that this teacher has 40 students in her classroom. Kathleen Kennedy, Oklahoma City Public Schools spokeswoman, states that this is a one-time event, yet two such events are discussed in the article. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Overcrowding was acknowledged and is being addressed by transferring one teacher from another school and hiring a human resources chief. How will this make a classroom of 40 children from inner-city neighborhoods small enough to manage, much less teach? All Oklahomans should be demanding change.

Shirley Wunder, Oklahoma City

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