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Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden: 'I want to play football and be at a place where it's enjoyable'

BY GINA MIZELL, Staff Writer, Published: February 14, 2014

Shortly after those announced firings, multiple reports — the first coming from NFL Network's Michael Silver — surfaced that Weeden wanted out of Cleveland.

When asked Friday if Weeden would like to stay in Cleveland, Weeden said yes, adding that his teammates and staff members inside the Browns locker room were “some of the best guys … I've ever been around.”

"It's one of those things that people want to read a lot into," Weeden said of the reports. 

But Weeden, who is under contract through 2015, knows his future in Cleveland is not up to him. If the Browns choose not to keep Weeden, they could entertain trade possibilities or simply release him.

“I understand the business side of everything that's going on,” Weeden said. “It's kind of out of my control, because I'm still under contract. The ball's kind of in their court, depending on what they want to do and do with me going forward.

“I kind of have no control over it. It is what it is, and things will work out.”