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Clifford Ray says Kendrick Perkins' defense came long before playing with Kevin Garnett

Phil Jackson wonders if Kendrick Perkins' defensive prowess can be credited to Kevin Garnett. While Perkins says he learned plenty from Garnett, he was a tough defender long before that — and some of the credit for his development goes to former Sooner Clifford Ray.
by Berry Tramel Published: April 9, 2011

Ray, who is in semiretirement, says Perkins has benefited from being coached by a real center, says too many guards and small forwards are coaching today's NBA big men.

“He understands the game from a defensive standpoint,” Ray said. “He's a natural post man. He got to work for a guy who played center. He had some good training.”

Perkins' value on the court is difficult to detect by the untrained eye. Post defense is not an easily-measured statistic.

But any Thunder fan can see the difference in this team since Perkins' arrival. Fewer easy baskets by the opponents. More contested shots. Fewer points.

And Ray saw it coming. “I'm tickled to death,” Ray said of the trade that brought Perkins from Boston, “simply because it finally gives them a defensive presence on the inside. Might push the team another notch.”

Consider it done. The Thunder is 17-6 since the trade and 11-3 since Perkins started playing.

Ray offers two examples of Perkins' value, both with games in which Perkins didn't play.

* Game 6 of the Thunder-Laker playoff series, won by LA on Pau Gasol's putback at the buzzer. Perkins “never would have left Gasol to come out of the lane to block a jump shot. Europeans, they don't understand the importance of the paint. If that's Perkins, that never would have happened. He would have stayed home.”

* Game 7 of the Celtic-Laker NBA Finals, won by LA 83-79. Perkins did not play, having been injured the previous game. The Lakers survived with 23 offensive rebounds, including nine in the fourth quarter.

“We were up,” Ray said. “Had we been able to rebound the ball ... with Perkins on the floor, never would have happened. We would have won that game.

“I really thought that was the time they learned to appreciate Perkins, what he meant to the team ... he's special in my book.”

The feeling is mutual.

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