Closeting our prayers

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: December 21, 2012

Another school shooting and another plea for prayer for the families of slain innocent children by the governor of Connecticut. Prayer is a good thing when a deranged man kills children. Why isn't it a good thing on a daily basis? President Obama calls for prayer for the families of the dead “beautiful little children with their entire lives ahead of them ...” But the government won't even allow a prayer before a sporting event. Why is it that prayer is necessary after an awful evil event, where beautiful innocent children are senselessly killed, but not pub-licly acceptable on a daily basis? Does the government believe that prayer is only for the relief of grief, misery and suffering? Do government leaders believe that prayer is only useful after tragedy, that prayer isn't a valuable way to start every day?

As the media and the public try to make sense of the senselessness of this unspeakable act, they plead for prayer. Why is prayer only thought to be necessary after a bad guy commits a very bad act? First responders pray as they enter the building, but they can't publicly pray for the safety of people without ridicule.

Mary Wedel, Stillwater

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