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Coach says OSU hasn't turned corner yet

By Mike Baldwin Published: July 18, 2007
. You turn the corner when you win the Big 12. We haven't turned the corner. But the steering wheel is turning. We haven't arrived, yet. The best way to sum it up is for a long time around here there was no pride. If you tie it all together — we're paying to keep our coaches, will have the finest facilities and have a staff that's good at recruiting — that bodes well for the future.

Q: What was your reaction when told of Artrell Woods' spinal injury?

A: I really felt for the young man. Here's a guy who has done everything right and put himself in position to be a really good player and gets hurt in a freak accident. He's one of our hardest workers. I've been told he's been diving for balls all summer (in practice). Why do these things happen? You don't know.

Q: Because it's a routine drill is there anything that could have prevented it?

A: No. (That drill) is something that happens no less than a million times during the summer (across America). You think of his mom and can imagine what she went through. She's scared to death... I couldn't get back until the next day. The support from our coaches and players was unbelievable. The medical care he received was tremendous, the best he could get.

Q: Will the staff consider moving defensive backs Perrish Cox or William Cole to wide receiver?

A: We don't know what we're going to do, yet. Those are things we're still discussing. We signed four wideouts in this class. We signed Cole as a corner. I don't see William Cole moving. Perrish Cox hopefully is going to move his way into a starting spot at cornerback.

Q: Is it realistic to think Dez Bryant and other freshman receivers could play a key role in the opener at Georgia?

A: Not many freshmen can come in and play right away. I'm not saying they can't. We train them to play right away and would like for them to (play right away). But you can't count on that for the first game. Half of this class is ready athletically. But that doesn't mean they can go play the first game between the hedges. has disabled the comments for this article.