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College football: Oklahoma high school coaches weigh in on NCAA recruiting proposals

Will the NCAA's deregulation of recruiting contact cause a distraction or a financial hardship for recruits? Some Oklahoma high school coaches share their thoughts.
by Jason Kersey Published: February 23, 2013

Do you think these changes were for the best, or will they make things worse?

Lance Manning, Edmond Santa Fe: “I don't understand it. I don't understand why the NCAA felt the need to get back to some of that. I don't understand what made them want to get back to the communication and texting and calls. I liked it the way it was.”

Bogert: “I'd rather have it the old way. The texts could be nonstop. I know they need to try and get their kids, but they also need to give these kids a break. They're still in high school. They don't own them yet.

“I believe less is better. ... It can be relentless. The dead periods are great for these kids, just to stay out of it, and concentrate on school.”

Spavital: “It's overwhelming for the kid and the parents. Allowing that is just gonna escalate it. I don't know what the answers are, but it would be very difficult for a young man just to function every day.”

With communication deregulated, what would happen if a college coach called during a film session or a team meeting? Do you let them take those calls?

Watkins: “I would imagine most coaches would rather them not. But you also have to be careful, because when you're talking about a possible $100-150,000 scholarship, you don't want to make a kid take a chance of losing out on that.”

Manning: “I think they understand we're not gonna be checking our phones while we're in film or meetings or class. We don't allow them for anything else, unless it's an emergency, so I don't know why our guys would believe that just because a coach is texting them, they're gonna have to jump up and miss something to go return it. It can wait until the appropriate time.”

Bogert: “I think that's gonna happen. But realistically, we can make them get rid of cellphones at school, but these kids are coming at 7:30 in the morning. ... There's gonna be a text waiting for them the minute they wake up. Coaches know when to get ahold of kids. They can get them before school, they can get them at lunch, or after school. They're gonna be getting texts all of the time.”

by Jason Kersey
OU Sports Reporter
Jason Kersey became The Oklahoman's OU football beat writer in May 2012 after a year covering high school sports and OSU recruiting. Before joining the newspaper in November 2006 as a part-time results clerk, he covered high school football for...
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