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College Football Playoff: A look at the sites where championships will be contested

by Berry Tramel Published: August 27, 2014


Tickets for the New Year’s bowls will work largely as they always have. Each participating school will receive an allotment of 12,500, which is 5,000 fewer than the requirement from the BCS bowl era. However, when the Rose, Orange and Sugar are not semifinal games, their ticket allotment is determined by contract with various conferences.

The remaining tickets will be sold by the local organizing body, with season-ticket holders of NFL teams (if applicable) often getting first dibs.

* Tickets for the championship game work the same, except participating schools are allotted 20,000 tickets each.

On the various secondary markets, title game tickets are going for more than $1,000, although standing-room only tickets are in the $700-$900 range.

The College Football Playoff has contracted with TeamTix to distribute tickets. TeamTix is a company that sells, via bidding, the right to purchase tickets for the game should your particular team qualify. You are obligated to purchase only if your designated team qualifies. However, your initial investment into TeamTix is nonrefundable. TeamTix website is