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College football Q&A: Ex-Jenks lineman Chase Beeler reflects on ‘re-crafting' of Stanford's identity

Former Jenks High School star Chase Beeler transferred to Stanford, where he became an All-American center. Beeler, who is still taking classes while preparing for the NFL Draft, talks about his immediate future and the rise of Stanford football.
by Jenni Carlson Published: January 15, 2011

You just finished your senior season, so are you in Oklahoma, California or where?

I was in Oklahoma for six days. I had a few things that I had to sort out with my parents with relation to what the next few months of my life would hold, what the plan was. With all the stuff going on with the collective bargaining agreement the best thing to do is to stick around here and train for the NFL while remaining in school. I figured I'd let them pay for as much of my master's while they're willing to do it.

Sounds like this spring may not be like the past few springs — school and football.

Beside the fact that I'm no longer formally with the team. There'll be a little more flexibility in regards to the academics and the football. I get to set my own schedule a little bit more, which will be nice but also requires a new level of discipline. It's kind of another step into mature adulthood or whatever you want to call it.

Are you prepared for that?

Uh, today went pretty well. I was pretty responsible today. I woke up at a pretty early hour, worked out, handled a little business, went back and worked out again. If I can just mimic that ... 115 more times between now and whenever pro day is, then I'll be fine.

Rewind on this season. About the only thing you didn't do was win a national title. Other than that, did it go about as well as imagined?

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