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Colorado Springs Gazette: Smokers could be victims of Obamacare Catch-22

Published: February 6, 2013

As society incorporates Obamacare, we know that it's title mostly deceives. Nothing about the law has made health care more affordable. Premiums have only soared since its passage.

While the Affordable Care Act won't make health care more affordable, it will tell Americans how they should live. It will make us subjects of a government that has decided to take on the burden of wellness for every man, woman and child in America.

Maybe you aren't fat. Maybe you don't smoke. Maybe you subsist on an organic vegan diet. You still may not escape social engineering that will constantly emerge from a government that wants to allocate health care and control its costs.

If efforts to control the actions of smokers benefit the cause, we shouldn't be surprised if health care bureaucrats decide to penalize dangerous activities such as skateboarding and rock climbing. If penalizing smokers makes sense, it's reasonable to penalize activity that's likely to generate a health care bill. After all, demand on the health care system raises prices. Reduction in demand lowers prices.

Obamacare has barely begun. As it emerges from the experimental phase, remember the smokers when government curtails your enjoyment of salt. Or beer. Or any number of activities that enhance your risk of injury or illness. A government that takes responsibility for our health won't resist telling us how to eat, drink and recreate.

— Colorado Springs Gazette


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