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Comeback Kye makes OSU's season only better

Not only can fullback walk, but he can score touchdowns
by Jenni Carlson Published: October 31, 2011

“We weren't even sure we wanted him back,” Cowboy offensive coordinator Todd Monken said. “I mean, what's Kye going to do? He's got the bad knee. It's going to blow out sometime, then we're not going to have him. We're going to count on him, then we're not going to have him.”

The opposite has been true.

Staley has remade himself as a fullback, not only being willing to block bigger defenders but also being able to do that.

“What he gives us ... ,” Monken said, “you can't even imagine.”

Last week, the Cowboys installed a new pass play with two primary options — Justin Blackmon on the post or Staley in the flat.

Monken called for the play on the first possession of the game, and even though the ball went to Blackmon, Staley did just what he was supposed to do, slipping past the linebacker and popping open in the flats.

Minutes later, Monken called the play again with OSU at the Baylor 18-yard line.

“If this works,” Staley thought, “I could get in the end zone finally.”

He did.


Staley rumbled untouched into the end zone, then just stood there for a moment. Finally, he dropped to a knee, saying a prayer not only for scoring a touchdown but also for being able to walk.

Watching the play in the film room Sunday, Staley got some razzing.

“You look like you didn't know what to do,” Singleton said, “like you weren't sure.”

“I wasn't,” Staley admitted.

How are you supposed to celebrate a touchdown after you've been told that you'll never play football again?

His teammates helped him out, mobbing him in the end zone, along the sideline and all the way to the bench.

“I got chills,” Cowboy quarterback Brandon Weeden said. “My entire body was goosebumped up.”

The Cowboys recognize Staley's tenacity. They have seen his recovery and have witnessed his resolve.

“He doesn't take anything for granted,” Weeden said. “That kind of rubs off on other guys. They take every moment that they have on the field and embrace it.

“It's always in the back of everyone's mind.”

The scar and the touchdown are Staley's reminders of days good and bad, but it turns out that he is a reminder for these Cowboys.

A reminder that anything is possible.